Tridico Design | Terms & Conditions
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Terms & Conditions

Tridico Design Solutions, LLC (“Tridico Design”) is an independent company qualified to meet your design and production needs. Terms are subject to change, and Tridico Design may revise these conditions at any point on a client by client basis. Please refer back to this page for current Terms and Conditions.

1. Consultations

Tridico Design offers an initial consultation to new clients to better understand their needs and to ensure all questions are answered and expectations by both parties are clearly defined prior to starting a project.

1a. Cost

Design and production fees are set at $75 hourly. When rush fees apply and are agreed on with the client, an additional $37.50 per hour is instituted. Initial consultations at the Tridico Design office are free of charge. Travel expenses to and from on-site consultations may be billable.
Additional consultations may be scheduled on an “as-needed” basis. They may be billed at the normal hourly rate for consultations. See line item 4D for further details.

2. Project Proposals

The final cost provided in a proposal is an ESTIMATE based on the number of hours and materials anticipated for completion of the client’s project. The final cost may be adjusted based on additional hours or materials used to complete the scope of the product or service. Proposals are valid for 45 days from the date of the proposal. After 45 days, if the client has not responded, Tridico Design will assume the proposal was not accepted, and the proposal will be null and void.

3. Deposits

A deposit may be required prior to initiating production. If required, Tridico Design will begin work on a project after an initial deposit has been received.

3a. Deposit Rates

Graphic design/layout: 50%
Print/Production Orders: 50% is required prior to placing all orders over $5,000.

4. Payment

For any work done by Tridico Design, an invoice will be prepared and delivered directly or via email to the client detailing the payment due for services. Payment is due immediately upon completion, unless 30 day terms have been agreed upon by both parties, wherein payments are due within 30 days of the invoice date. For work that requires an initial deposit, the remaining balance is due upon completion of the project  unless terms are agreed upon by both parties. Other payment arrangements are made and approved at the discretion of Tridico Design’s management.

4a. Progress Billing for Other Projects

If a project has not been completed within 4 weeks, a progress billing on work completed to date will be issued. An immediate payment plan is required in order to proceed any further on specific jobs. All invoices must be paid in order to release any files to the client.

4b. Finance Charges

Past due invoices may be subject to billing service charge at 2.5% per month additional, accruing monthly thereafter; 30% Annual Percentage Rate.

4c. Receipt of Goods

All invoices must be paid in full before a client may receive any work completed by Tridico Design, unless other terms have been agreed upon.
Receipt of Design – A client will receive design files once full payment for the design has been received.
Receipt of Print/Production – A client must remit full payment for a print/production order upon delivery of the products.

4d. Travel

Tridico Design strives to keep costs as low as possible for our clients. To this end, clients are not charged a fee for initial consultations or initial client meetings that take place at the Tridico Design office. However, a travel fee may be incurred for client meetings that do not take place at the Tridico Design office. The client may be billed appropriately based on travel time and distance to a requested meeting site. Tridico Design reserves the right for consideration of cost based on travel requirements per job. In addition, an installation service flat rate of $100 may apply per production visit on a per job basis.

5. Ownership

Final designs, content and additional results from project work become the property of the client after all fees have been paid in full to Tridico Design. Tridico Design reserves the right to use or reference the work in its portfolio and advertising materials.
Concepts that are not selected or used in the final project remain the property of Tridico Design.

6. Product Warranties

Tridico Design does not offer product/material warranties or refunds. All sales are final. On a per case basis, Tridico Design can review product replacement options (within 30 days of sale) if that product is not used/applied or damaged by the customer/shipper or the like.

7. Trademarks

It is the client’s responsibility to make sure their company name and/or image(s) is available for legal use and/or reproduction. It is also the responsibility of the client to secure a trademark to protect the company’s name and/or image(s).

8. Copyright Infringement and Trademark Violation

The client agrees that any content, graphics, photos, trademarks or other artwork or designs provided by the client for inclusion in a project completed by Tridico Design is the client’s rightful material, or that the client has permission from the rightful owner(s) to use these materials. Tridico Design and its employees are not liable in any claims or suits arising from a client’s misappropriation of text or images.

Last updated 12/19/2019